Thursday, September 12, 2013

What is new in the new iPhones?

What is new in the new iPhones?

Many of my friends and Apple dislike-rs question what are the improvements added to iPhone since last year aside from the "TouchID". 
As an Apple fan, I like to be biased, but let me list what are these improvements first.

The new iPhone (only in iPhone 5s) has a faster and more powerful A7 Chip, or Apple's special version of CPUs. We all have experienced the smoothness and amazing responsiveness since iPhone 4S, but yet the new device sounds to be more CPU hungry. 
Not a surprise if you have seen the amazing games played at the Keynote 2 days ago. Also the new features in iOS7 will need some hardware upgrade in return.

The new iPhone is a 64 bit machine, will that matter? as claims, this feature will enable iPhone for more security, specifically matters to enterprises interested in securing their data flow.

The new iPhone has the Touch-ID (only in iPhone 5s). Now the home button reads your fingerprint and unlock it automatically, replacing the classic pass-code authentication way of unlocking the device.

Apple also added some enhancement features to the camera, such as the color-tuning LED flash, and now you can shot 120 fps videos for slo-mo playback (only in iPhone 5s).

This is not to mention the entirely new (both in functions and look) iOS7. Adding neat stuff like the control center is surely makes iPhone more handy.

Amazingly, Apple claims that all these features are added without giving up the battery life and performance.

Apple didn't sleep on the fact that its last year's version iPhone had limited LTE support. Many operators especially in Asia and Europe run on bands that the iPhone didn't support previously. Now it does.

One cool features added to the new iPhone, is the M7 chip. This chip collects your motion parameters (from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass) and reports it to the API and the Game Center "to compete with your friends". Turning your real-life skills into a gaming platform.

One minor enhancement (to me) is the multicolor models.

Leave a comment below of what you think about the new iPhones 5s and 5c.

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